Welcome to Pam Joy Nutrition for Health

Welcome to the Wellbeing Lab.

I have a special interest in working with people with chronic exhaustive conditions such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and ME.

I offer a comprehensive and in depth assessment of your nutritional health aimed to support you in your return to wellness from fatigue and fibromyalgia.   I am trained to safely prescribe supplements and recommend functional testing when appropriate to ensure that the support is holistic, integrated and tailored specifically to your individual health needs.


I offer an initial free 30 minute Skype or phone appointment for people who are interested to learn about how Nutritional Therapy can help their return to wellness from fatigue and fibromyalgia.  You can book this after you have completed and returned the Health Appraisal Form

Once you have had the free 30 minute appointment, you can book your 90 minute initial consultation with me at a time and date convenient to you.  Second and subsequent appointments can be booked online after the initial consultation.

All consultations are carried out via Zoom or Skype so it doesn’t matter where you are or whether you are too unwell to travel.

As fatigue and fibromyalgia are complex conditions, nutritional therapy is not the only route back to wellness.  I head up a team of holistic practitioners who are able to support clients with massage, energy therapies, reflexology, movement, acupuncture etc.  Whatever clients need, practitioners trained and skilled in working with clients with fatigue and fibromyalgia are on hand.  This approach ensures that clients are surrounded by the support they need and when they need it.